Will Hatch - Educator, Speaker, Entertainer

Who is Will Hatch?

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.” - C.S. Lewis


 Will Hatch is a unique speaker, educator and presenter. He's traveled throughout the United States, educating tens of thousands of children and young people in areas of self esteem, geography, chemistry, physics, light, video and audio production. Most recently he's created a mobile children's interactive science program, introducing youngsters to science through twelve "hands-on" science exhibits. 



 Whether Will is performing as Professor Newton and his Science Show;  performing magic and ventriloquism with his sidekick Chester Mouse or, as Dwight Dimwiddie, The Sykick of the South, Will weaves a unique experience with magic, ventriloquism or science. Sometimes, all three in one program! 

About Will


 Born in Detroit and raised with his sister in the proverbial nuclear family, Will Hatch learned early on the value of hard work, teamwork, and perseverance. He started his own business in his youth as a performer, learning ventriloquism and appearing on television at the tender age of 11. Will also used his talents as a syndicated cartoonist. Immediately following graduation he began traveling throughout the US, visiting 48 states and working in 36. This assisted Will in developing his skills in relationships and appreciating the cultural differences in our country. 

Will's leadership abilities and natural gifts earned him positions in a number of high profile professions. Broadcaster, art director, educator, innovator, and performer. He's used his talents in educating students of all ages in a wide variety of subjects. He's brought his programs to students in elementary schools, middle and high schools as well as juvenile detention facilities and hospitals. He's also been a board member of several non-profit and charitable organizations, in addition to volunteering for a variety of charitable causes.