Professor Newton Fairs and Festivals


Self Contained, Colorful and FUN!

Come along with Professor Newton as he shows you and your fair guests some of the most incredible, interactive science experiments you've ever seen! A true STEAM education experience developed and presented by a veteran in children's educational entertainment, this 30-minute show showcases exciting science demonstrations with a theatrical presentation - created especially for families, all from the Professor's colorful 20 foot stage!


Entertaining Science for the whole family

The wacky Professor Newton opens the audience's mind to the world around them through awesome activities, all involving audience participation. Everyone has fun learning about gravity, air pressure, fluid dynamics, chemical reactions, molecules, and so much more!   


Educational Entertainment. "Edu-Tainment!!"

It's not about mixing test tubes – Professor Newton uses polymers, leaf blowers, ping pong balls and more to show kids science experiments they'll never forget. In fact, not only will the audience learn scientific principles during the show, they'll also be taught how to do several experiments at home!