Chester Mouse Funhouse Show

Will Hatch has been called a lot of things...

“Hilariously funny” is one.  He’s also been called “outrageously entertaining”, “a great ventriloquist”, “versatile”, “creative”, “delightful” and much, much more.


Will has appeared at malls, tradeshows, corporate events and theme parks. Wherever he’s been, Will Hatch has left behind audiences absolutely delighted with his ability to bring his characters alive. Whether it’s Will’s signature sidekick, Chester Mouse, or audience members or a sock - people  and things - talk when Will Hatch is around!  

Will Hatch knows how to make people laugh because he’s been at it a long time. He is the ultimate audience draw – stand up comedy and illusion.

Will Hatch has been working with his signature sidekick, Chester Mouse, since 1969. Chester is a sassy rodent, getting the best of Will whenever possible. 

Magic and Ventriloquism

 The Merry Heart Show with Chester Mouse combines magic and ventriloquism to create an entertaining interactive audience program. Will presents the program, punctuated with some comedy magic and a talking mouse, presented as “an experiment gone wrong”. This family style show is fun, fast paced and entertaining.